Here is a collection of interviews I produced with 60+ thought leaders in digital engagement, creative content and mobile advertising:

Ty Braswell, from JASH Branded Content, sits down with filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock. They discuss how Spurlock's films informed the times of brands letting their guard down.
At the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, we hosted one-hundred and sixty people, all with a focus on creating and distributing great brand stories. Brands like Mondelez, Dr. Pepper, Hyundia, Pepsi, HBO, Dick's Sporting Goods (have you seen the stories they are telling?), Netflix, and Marriott.
In this episode, we talk with marketers from Dick's Sporting Goods, Marriott International, and Mondelez. Each are producing a variety of stories, published on various platforms; from Snaps and Vines to long form documentaries, comedy, fantasy and scripted series. Stories of all shapes and sizes, that are engaging audiences and endearing them to their brands.
One way advertisers must shift their strategy is to partner with creators whose influence can help promote their brand. Brands are really just beginning to figure this out, and the whole business of influencer marketing is just taking form. This chapter of our docu-series explores how brands can and should work with influencers.
As brands move away from interruptive messages and invest in content that people will find value in, they must demonstrate an ROI on that content. As this episode reveals, metrics for brand storytelling are less than established and far from standardized, but we're getting there.
During Brand Storytelling at Sundance 2016, we asked brand marketers and their agencies about the future of storytelling.


At the MOBILENOMICS conference, I interviewed a wide variety of 30 mobile marketing executives from Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, Intel, Arby's, J. Walter Thompson, Razorfish, OMD, Group M, InMobi, App Annie, Jarden Corp, Ansible and Deutsch.

Here are the videos...each with a quick summary from Rick Parkhill, one of the founders of Mobilenomics.

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COCA-COLA: Tom Daly        Global Group Director Mobile

Coca Cola’s Tom Daly explains the importance of integrating mobile into marketing campaigns. Marketers shouldn’t think of mobile as a stand alone experience, instead how does it interact with other mediums. In a TV example, Tom explains how you can leverage both mediums and still think mobile first. 

OMD-McDONALD'S: Amanda Plotkin Group Director, Digital

When Ty Braswell sat down with Amanda at Mobilenomics, he led off with this basic yet probing question:
“In 2015, what happened in mobile that you were most excited about?”
Without hesitation, Amanda replied, “The most exciting thing we have done this year is launch a partnership with McDonald's & Snapchat.”

RAZORFISH: Jeremy Lockhorn VP, Emerging Media

Jeremy remembers back to the first days of mobile at Razorfish where he was buying ads for Claritin on Palm Pilots. "It was super simple, but sometimes the most magical results occur in that sort of situation," recalls Lockhorn. Then, Razorfish was buying ads in zip codes where the pollen counts were the highest.

GROUP M: Jesse Wolfsberger Director, Consumer Insights

Ty gets right to the core of the matter here with Jesse Wolfersberger when he asks, “In your job in consumer insights, with all of the data that you harvest and analyze, how disruptive has mobile been?” 
“It’s the biggest thing to come on in media, maybe ever,” replies Jesse. “Certainly since television.”
Well, that makes mobile media more powerfully disruptive than the internet, so I guess this mobile craze really is a big deal. People in digital have been saying it for years, but now it is really hitting people in the face and marketers must figure out how to harness this media phenomenon. Tune in to learn what the biggest spender in media thinks about mobile and how they are helping their clients through this disruptive media era. 

DEUTSCH LA: Duncan Houldsworth EVP, Executive Director of Data Strategy

Duncan’s marketing career has focused on transforming marketing science, consumer insights, technology, and media research into strategy, tactics, and tangible return on investment. His current role is leading Deutsch LA's data strategy and analytics team, working across all clients on the agency's roster, including Sprint, VW, and Taco Bell. In this interview, Duncan predicts that the mobile tipping point, in terms of data and measurement tools, is near, but that shouldn’t stop marketers from investing now if they just do the basics well.
“We are in the middle of a tipping point for mobile measurement and analytics,” says Duncan. “We’ve come a very long way in a short amount of time and they are going to go even further.”
In this interview, Duncan sheds some light on how the tipping point of mobile analytics will be impacting media investment in the very near future, and also describes the basics that every marketer can leverage now to gain a healthy ROI on their mobile investments.

eMARKETER: Cathy Boyle  Senior Analyst, Mobile

Ty Braswell makes the point that kids today often make their first-ever purchase via a mobile device. What does that mean for marketers as they consider the lifelong relationship with their clients? Cathy follows mobile and mobile commerce for eMarketer and describes some of the data trends around the youngest consumers and how mobile will impact their brand decisions in the future.

AARP: Alejandra Owens Director of Media & Communities

It’s not just kids that have suddenly picked up mobile devices – it’s their grandparents as well. Alejandra is responsible for social and mobile for AARP and understands how the older generation is now embracing mobile devices. She describes how custom content designed for Twitter and Facebook users is being leveraged to intercept these retirees and make sure the AARP brand is there with relevant information at the right time and in the right context. 

INTEL: Julie Keshmiry          Global Media Director

If you are wondering how the world's largest brands are dealing with the massive disruption of mobile, then don't miss this conversation with Julie Keshmiry and Ty Braswell. Ty probes beyond the "shiny exciting opportunities" discussed at industry conferences and asks Julie to describe how "the hard work" of integrating mobile into the media mix actually gets done for a huge advertiser like Intel.

J.WALTER THOMPSON: Eric Weisberg  Global Creative Executive

In this insightful discussion on mobile creative, Ty Braswell points out that what has held good creative back in mobile is the creative community themselves who prefer to work with larger screens. Eric responded with the “challenge to repurpose defense,” citing the fact that “no client can afford to produce thousands of pieces of content for each purpose.” He goes on to describe that the core of the creative challenge is “how things work together” to create compelling and actionable experiences.


Angela discusses the creation of the Mobilenomics Summit agenda. Brands are in a strategy crisis as they race to catch up with their customer's mobile adoption. Angela and Ty touch on mobile's impact on retail as well as gives advice to CMOs on determining how much focus should be placed on mobile.

JARDEN Corp: Jared Anderson Director - Media Ventures,

You may not have heard of Jarden Corporation, but you definitely know their brands and surely have several of them in your home. Founded in 2001 and traded on the NYSE, this $12 Billion company has built a portfolio including such iconic brands as; Marmot, Rawlings, K2, Sunbeam, Oster, Mr. Coffee, Coleman, and Yankee Candle. If you can’t find any of those in your cupboards, closets or garage, I’ll bet you have a deck of Bicycle Playing Cards in the house. Yep, that’s a Jarden brand too!
Ty Braswell had a chance to sit down with Jared Anderson at the Mobilenomics Summit and discuss the rising importance of mobile media for the Jarden portfolio. As Director of Media Ventures for the entire portfolio, Jared is constantly researching the media environment and new and innovative ways for their brands to connect with consumers. He makes the point here that “the time spent on mobile versus the media investment is wide and closing that gap represents a real opportunity.” Don’t miss this one! 

ANSIBLE MOBILE: Maile Krauss Director, Business Development & Client Relations

Maile has been advising major advertisers on their mobile strategy for over nine years, which means she has been in mobile from the very start. From wallpaper and ringtones, to apps and beacons, Maile has a tremendous experience level with both the mobile marketplace and how advertisers approach it. In this interview, Ty Braswell asks Maile to shed some light on how advertisers should approach apps in terms of cost, commitment and whether to partner or build. She discusses how companies like Starbucks, Mercedes and J&J are successfully leveraging mobile apps through both their own development and integrating with partners. If you are wondering whether to app or not, you want to check this out!

HORIZON MEDIA: Taylor Valentine Chief Invention Officer

Having the word "invention" in his title might lead one to think that Taylor is the guy driving mobile and video ahead at breakneck speed for Horizon clients. However, in this thoughtful interview, Taylor cautions brand marketers to tread carefully in these new spaces and avoid the temptation to go forward with unproven partners. He warns that with mobile, the variables an advertiser must deal with have more than doubled since the days of the desktop. And, he predicts that Facebook will proceed to be a huge ecosystem that advertisers just cannot and should not avoid.

ISOBAR: Tim Dunn Director of Strategy

Tim has been in digital strategy for over 15 year, covering brand, interactive, and mobile while working in the UK and USA leading European and Global clients. Ty Braswell sat down with Tim to get his read on where mobile is and what mobile media can truly deliver for clients today. The conversation turned to reach and engagement with mobile, which Tim describes as having made huge strides in just the past year. “We are getting to the sweet spot of measurement, or at least further away from the bad spot we were just in.” Tim also discusses the opportunity relative to beacons which he warns is not a good ad delivery method but rather brands should focus on CRM applications relative to location-based messaging. With global clients like Adidas, General Motors, and HBO, Tim’s insights on how global brands can best leverage mobile media is a valuable conversation to sit in on.

TACO BELL: David Garcia   Manager, Media & Partnerships,

“Last Summer was a watershed moment for us,” says David Garcia. “We watched as TV ratings declined week after week and are not picking up. This year, we are doubling down on digital video, especially mobile.” Yikes. Taco Bell is part of Yum! Brands, the $13 billion company that includes KFC and Pizza Hut and buys a whole bunch of TV media. When companies of this size are willing to turn on a dime and move massive amounts of media investment to mobile video, you know the pace of change in the media world is accelerating at break-neck speed. And, beyond their mobile media investment, the company is pretty excited about the amount of first-party data that is being gathered with their ordering and gifting apps. For Taco Bell and the rest of the Yum! Brand marketers, moving investment to mobile is as simple a decision as pulling into a Taco Bell for a late night snack! 

DSTILLERY: Dr. Lauren Moores VP Strategy

 "I am a digital data geek and strategist who loves creating stories from dirty and disparate signals and mentoring others to 'speak' and think data. When Ty Braswell sat down with Lauren at the recent Mobilenomics Summit, she described to him why mobile has been so exciting for those in Geekland and what it means for clients. “Mobile allows you to connect data sources that you were not previously able to,” explains Lauren. Quite simply, she makes the case that the power of mobile media is its ability “to glue things together".

ARBY'S: Brian Pruitt Senior Director, Brand Media

"TV is and will continue to be an integral part of what we do from a mass reach perspective," says Arby's executive in charge of Brand Media, Brian Pruitt. But, as he explains to Ty Braswell, what his team is most excited about is the mobile opportunity.

NBC Universal: Dan Wittmers Mobile NBCU at Maxus; Founder of the MLA

Dan oversees top-level mobile strategy, client and agency facing education, and media and creative executions for all business units under the NBCU umbrella in both Los Angeles and New York. His 7-year mobile marketing career includes work with Paramount Pictures, MillerCoors, Hasbro, Arby's, USAA, Kroger, and Visa. In this interview, Dan talks about the advancement of hardware and how it is leading to the most exciting time in mobile media. Deeply involved with the creative aspect of mobile, Dan explains how creative have been held back by hardware capabilities, not just because of small screens, but because the handsets have not been able to contain the sort of experience that creatives want to produce. “The innovation in chip sets and hardware that provide the opportunity to run HD and Virtual Reality makes creative mouth’s water,” he explained. He goes on to describe the future for the mobile platform and the immersive experiences that will result in the very near future. For marketers, the advancements in hardware are opening new doors for immersive experience and that opportunity is huge. Check this out.


Doug knows mobile technology very, very well, having advised dozens of brands, agencies, artists, and athletes in their mobile initiatives, but this conversation focuses on the importance of creative and rapidly shortening margin of error for getting content right. “I’ve heard that with mobile branded video content, that if you don’t catch the viewers attention in the first 8 seconds, you’ve wasted an engagement. "True or false?" asked Ty. Check out this conversation to see why Doug feels that assessment is absolutely true and why advertisers need to invest far more into content creation. Otherwise, they are wasting their investments. 

FETCH: Tim Villanueva Director of Media

Have you heard of Fetch? Their website clearly states their mission: “Our aim is to understand the mobile consumer and mobile communications better than anyone.” Pretty lofty goal, but looking at their client roster, it seems that they have convinced some of the biggest advertisers on the planet that they are living up to that aim. As Tim explains to Ty Braswell in this interview, Fetch works with companies that consider mobile media to be “business critical” for their success. Categories include travel (Expedia), e-commerce (e-Bay), music (Apple), gaming (SuperCell), and dating (Skout). 
Tim has a long history in digital media, working his way up the media ranks at FCB and Razorfish before joining up with the mobile experts at Fetch to become their Director of Media. Tune in here for a revealing discussion with a mobile media director that is making it work for the biggest spenders in the category.

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