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I am a Creative Digital Strategist.


My career has been an eclectic journey working with a wide variety of startups and Fortune 100 companies to generate new revenue streams that build digital businesses. My passion is bringing together creatives, tech folks and business development execs to collaborate in a cohesive environment that creates vanguard innovative products and cutting-edge campaigns.

My expertise includes providing:
Business Development strategies that generate new digital revenues.
Digital Engagement Expertise in the areas of digital audience development, corporate sponsorships, digital content creation, and mobile marketing.
Management of Branded Content Partnerships with consumer brands and their agencies to produce award-winning brand storytelling campaigns. 

During my various executive assignments inside large companies, I was constantly looking for consulting support that provided strong digital instincts with an understanding of strategic planning built on previous experiences (and stress) of running a P&L.

The best consultants also brought the creative spark to launch a specific digital strategy and build momentum that could cross over from the early adopters into the mainstream.

These experiences are my inspiration to work with partners to build on cutting-edge ideas, executable strategies and a keen understanding of the digital space.

I look forward to a conversation to discuss how I can support your digital strategy.....

Ty Braswell
Creative Digital Strategies

Here is a collection of interviews I produced with 60+ thought leaders in digital engagement, creative content and mobile advertising:

Ty Braswell, from JASH Branded Content, sits down with filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock. They discuss how Spurlock's films informed the times of brands letting their guard down.
At the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, we hosted one-hundred and sixty people, all with a focus on creating and distributing great brand stories. Brands like Mondelez, Dr. Pepper, Hyundia, Pepsi, HBO, Dick's Sporting Goods (have you seen the stories they are telling?), Netflix, and Marriott.
In this episode, we talk with marketers from Dick's Sporting Goods, Marriott International, and Mondelez. Each are producing a variety of stories, published on various platforms; from Snaps and Vines to long form documentaries, comedy, fantasy and scripted series. Stories of all shapes and sizes, that are engaging audiences and endearing them to their brands.
One way advertisers must shift their strategy is to partner with creators whose influence can help promote their brand. Brands are really just beginning to figure this out, and the whole business of influencer marketing is just taking form. This chapter of our docu-series explores how brands can and should work with influencers.
As brands move away from interruptive messages and invest in content that people will find value in, they must demonstrate an ROI on that content. As this episode reveals, metrics for brand storytelling are less than established and far from standardized, but we're getting there.
During Brand Storytelling at Sundance 2016, we asked brand marketers and their agencies about the future of storytelling.


Here are a few articles I have published

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"Why 2011 will be do-or-die for TV"--NYTimes.com

Working for the very hip Virgin Records back in 1999, I saw first hand how the Napster phenomenon decimated the old school music label model. It made me a keen observer of how digital disruption evolves as broadband access gets better. Disruption for radio and print followed music. And now television is headed for a big reset. 2010 was the first year of declining US cable subscribers.As pundits debate the SNL Kagen report that estimated over 300,000 people canceled their cable subscription in 2010, the bigger concern is the Credit Suisse survey that estimated that 30% of Netflix subscribers aged 18-24 are using Netflix in lieu of cable. Think about the ramifications. We saw a similar trend in the music biz when college students were the primary audience for Napster. Like a generation of people who abandoned $16 CDs, these young Netflix subscribers might never use cable. For the cable industry, they are the new lost generation.....(more)


"The Future of TV: Dead man walking or bigger than ever?"--VentureBeat.com

For the last two years, the television business has seen a decline in cable subscriptions due to cord cutting. But perhaps even scarier to TV executives is the increasing disruption that companies like Google and YouTube are causing as they jump even deeper into the TV game. YouTube’s $100 million original content initiative, Google's interest in becoming a cable company, and a few gloomy Q3 updates from moguls at TV Networks and cable, have driven new speculation on the future of television. Depending on who you talk to, you’ll hear either pessimism about the current models or about a light at the end of the tunnel that new digital streaming revenues promise. Here are a few thoughts on where the digital disruptions and the TV biz might be headed…(more)


"Mobile Marketing Whitepaper for Brands & Agencies: "The Tipping Point is Now"

Our world is quickly becoming a global mobile planet. It’s a world of 5 billion mobile phones that overshadows the 2 billion global internet users. .The tipping point has arrived for brands to develop their mobile marketing strategy. Engaging consumers on their mobile devices is essential to a real-time customer dialog in an on-demand world. The new digital audience has an insatiable appetite for immediate information and engaging social content that can be accessible wherever they are via their mobile device. They are moving from the desktop and migrating to their phones to harvest relevant information around them throughout their day and create new opportunities for meaningful interactions with friends. Brands that bridge digital and physical spaces through mobile devices will be viewed as the trusted enabler of relevant experiences and transactions that make people’s lives easier and  better. This is the brave new world of marketing alchemy....(more)